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Q & A 14:The Elders
Pres. Mr. Lyle Arnold
Board Of Elders
Lay Member
Lyle is  the youngest of four children,he has two brothers and one sister.
He received his education at Jeddore Elementary, Gaytz Brook Junior High, Musquodoboit Harbour High and Nova Scotia Community
Collage now known as Akerley Campus.

Lyle was in cubs as a child and became a scout leader as a teen,he was very active in church as a teen. Lyle was also in the army reserves.
He worked for awhile at commercial baking and also did long haul trucking. For a time he was  assistant manager at motels in Pictou, Winnipeg ,
Alberta and Halifax.

Lyle started working in construction which lead him to opening up his own company. He lives in Nova Scotia with his spouse and five children

SCE shall be sworn to the faithful discharge of their duties and shall acknowledge that the property and all
business affairs of the Chaplaincy are subject to their direction, management and control except the election
of a new SCE, the disposition of the real estate of the Chaplaincy and the borrowing or lending of money shall
not be within the control of the board, unless by special vote of the Chaplaincy General Meeting.

SCE shall at all times be entitled to the use and control of the Chaplaincy buildings with the appurtenances
and furniture thereof for the purposes of his office and for the full and free discharge of all functions and duties pertaining thereto.

How the name
Secretary and Chief Executive was choosen. Base on Secretary is a title often used in
organizations to indicate a person having a certain amount of authority, power, or importance in the

Secretary and Chief Executive is also considered to be the first person in charge of the organization,
as the president/chairman . The secretary of a non-governmental organization or international non-governmental organization can
combine the function with that of vice president/chairman.

Why: To many presidents
In our organisation with our Interdenominational Assembly of Churches we have a president of each organisation
also we have for the same organisation an Executive Director.

To differentiate a local organisation from the International one the name was set up in our Canon Law.
At the international level the president (Secretary and Chief Executive) of the Board of Elders is also
the highest authority of all the Board of Elders to all churches and para-churches member of IAoC.

Also when we have corporation who do not have a Board in start up the International Board of Elders become
local for that particular organisation.


CL012 The Board of Elders is a board of Adviser and Accountability
A Board of Elders, named Elders, is a necessary component of any legal religious organization. However, for the purposes of creating
a culture that honors a more church distribution of power, we use the traditional church or Chaplaincy terminology. The board implies
and commands an ethic of wisdom and careful consideration in recommendations that benefit the greater good of the corporation.

The board Chairman name is Secretary and Chief Executive, elected for a period of 4 year plus a transition year (1) maximum,
he doesn't  have to be a member of the clergy. The Chairman is appointed as mentioned earlier and he will establish election process
based on considering both the desire of the corporation member’s, and the most powerful synergy possible in the corporation. The board
makes collective recommendations for the spiritual priorities and directions of the corporation, the content and methodologies of
the meetings, financial recommendations, projects and the overall structuring and evolution of the organization. The board is responsible
for appointing a
Secretary (Administrative Secretary) and Treasurer (Chief Finance Officer & Assets) and seeing that the responsibilities
of all Officials are carried out in a mindful and ethical way.

Roles at the International
House of Elders (the International Board of Elders)

  1. Director Secretary and Chief Executive Mr. Lyle Arnold
  2. Director Vice-Chief Executive Jean Ndayiziga
  3. Director Secretary the Head of Human Resource
  4. Director Chief Finance Officer & Assets Committee
  5. Director Administrative Secretary  
  6. Director of Services & Supplies
  7. Director of Libraries, Archives and Information  
  8. Director Pastoral Secretary of Faith, Pastoral & Mission Committee / Ecclesiology / Spiritual Services / RTTM  Bishop Julius O. Nyambuoro
  9. Director Audit Secretary Committee links with external auditors
  10. Director Secretary of Chaplaincy Duties and Responsibilities
  11. Director Secretary of Communications and Public Relation Committee Mrs. Joyce A. Baker
  12. Director Support Services Secretary, Congregational Life, Health & Community
  13. Director Pastor Nkunzimana Fabien
  14. Director Bishop Marie Arnold Consultant
  15. Director
  16. Director
  17. Director
  18. Director
  19. Director
  20. Director
Board Of Elders Joyce Anna Baker
Joyce was born February 3, 1971 in Halifax NS. She was raised in Upper Lakeville, Halifax County with her parents and two brothers.

She attended school at Jeddore Lakeville Elementary, Robert Jamison Consolidated, Gaetz Brook Junior High and Eastern Shore
District High School. She received her diploma in Micro Computer Business Technology with Networking and Communication Technology
from Computer College School of Business.

She attended Church from the time she was born with her parents and her siblings and was baptized in 1981 in Jeddore Harbour by Rev Estey.

Joyce attended Sunday School and eventually became a Sunday School teacher and youth leader, Bible study leader and even had her
Church License to Preach at one point.She also served on several committees in her home Church.

Joyce has always had the heart of a servant and is always willing to help those who need it. She has a great interest in Spirituality and
loves to have conversations with others of different faiths to learn about them.
Joyce Anna Baker
Board Of Elders
Representative Of
New Hope Ministry & Missions
Lay Member
Mrs. Joyce A Baker
Title: Secretary Services and Events Committee (Director) On the Elders Board

Contact Information's:

Eric Michel Ministries International
Attn: Mrs. Joyce A Baker


Function as Director of events
Joyce job in meeting is to chat with members give them all information about the events/meeting, follow up in meetings and promote the meetings
create new ones  including for your own place and region. The only worship or studies groups at your location will be via Skype Only until we find ministers.

We have 2 class of members A & B:
members that make a donation of 20$ a year, they are members with voting power. They have also rebate on spiritual services or it could be no fee at all.
It is generally understood that rites of passage are offered freely to contributing members of a minister’s congregation  

B) members who do not donate but use our services no rebate and no voting right.

Coming Up (Started on
July 15, 2015 Our Full Christian Training Seminary

Duties include:
  1. researching markets to identify opportunities for events;
  2. liaising with boards to ascertain their precise event requirements;
  3. producing detailed proposals for events (e.g. Timeline, venues, suppliers, legal obligations, staffing and budgets);
  4. agreeing to and managing a budget;
  5. securing and booking a suitable venue or location;
  6. ensuring insurance, legal, health and safety obligations are adhered to;
  7. coordinating venue management, caterers, and equipment hire;
  8. organizing facilities for car parking, traffic control, security, first aid, hospitality and the media;
  9. identifying and securing speakers or special guests;
  10. planning room layouts and the entertainment program, scheduling workshops and demonstrations;
  11. coordinating staffing requirements and staff briefings;
  12. selling sponsorship/stand/exhibition space to potential exhibitors/partners;
  13. preparing delegate packs and papers;
  14. liaising with PR colleagues to promote the event;
  15. liaising with boards and designers to create a brand for the event and organizing the production of tickets, posters, catalogs and sales brochures;
  16. coordinating suppliers, handling boards queries and troubleshooting on the day of the event to ensure that all runs smoothly;
  17. overseeing the dismantling and removal of the event and clearing the venue efficiently;
  18. post-event evaluation (including data entry and analysis and producing reports for event at the boards meeting.
  19. Promote our online store