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SYMPOSIUM 2020 convocation for Meeting
Letter of Convocation for the Third Symposium in 2020 to:

  1. Adnan Ayub
  2. Adolfo Fong
  3. Amir Tuffail Pastor
  4. Basil Arnold
  5. Bethel Orphanage Care Foundation
  6. Builders For Christ Assembly Church
  7. Charles Waweru Wilken Pastor
  8. Cornelius Pastor
  9. Glory Ministries Kenya
  10. Grace Ministries & Welfare
  11. Hamilton K. Bleh
  12. Happy Time Care Ministries
  13. J. Elisha (Elisha Ministries) Prophet
  14. James Odeke Pastor
  15. Joseph Onyango
  16. Julius Nyambuoro Bishop
  17. Lyle Arnold
  18. Magret Nazigamba
  19. Marie Arnold Bishop
  20. Mega Mission Net.
  21. Mission Jesus Church Ministry
  22. Momanyi Bosire
  23. Moris Nawab Pastor
  24. Mr. S. Sania
  25. Paul Pandey Nepal Pastor
  26. Philip Odbiambo
  27. Richard Wikanya Pastor
  28. Robert Muhendo
  29. Tanya McIntyre
  30. Waqas Bishop
  31. Xavioursebastian Chikwatu Bishop

My dear brothers and sisters, you are cordially invited to your general meeting named “Symposium” that will be held on Feb 8 2020
Please answer your presence before January 31st 2020.

Last Symposium
Present Members:
1.        Bishop Marie Arnold
3.        Archbishop Eric Gagnon

The meeting was held online for a week and we DID NOT had Corum
No resolution were taken.

Hoping to see you online and per email at the Symposium on Febuary the 8, 2020 at 13:00 Canada Eastern Standard Time.

Order of the day:
1.        The opening of the General Assembly by the Archbishop Eric Gagnon
2.        Presences / Establishment of a Quorum
3.        Prayer of Consecration
4.        Adoption of the Agenda
5.        Reports and Minutes of the previous meeting
6.        Submission of proposals
7.        Membership fees for churches that cannot pay and resolution (need to be part of countries designed as very poor)
8.        Election of new Officers at the Board of Elders (4 Members minimum 12 members maximum)
9.        Vote on Proposals, Motions, and Resolutions
10.        last minutes
11.        Questions
12.        Honorary Fellow
13.        Prayer / Close of the Symposium

In Christ,
Pierre Luc
Administrative Clerk
Eric Michel Ministries International

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On Feb 8 2020 Code will be added