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    The linked, double circles are an older emblem of the Unitarian and Universalist consolidation, and deserve some attention,
    at least in “communion of the churches” settings. It uses the gradient standard of the new UUA visual identity.
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Unitarian Universalist
  • 1978 Société Universelle du Nouveau Syncrétisme(SUNS) / Universal Society of New Syncretism a small gnostic researcher group in Hull, Quebec
  • 1993 SUNS became Universal Christian Gnostic Church
  • 2010 UCGC became Eric Michel Ministries & Chaplaincy
  • 2014 Eric Michel Ministries International July 14 Unitarian Baptist Fellowship with New Hope Ministry & Missions
  • 2015 EMMI Footsteps of Jesus Seminary & Bible Academy, from SUNS to Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry (RTTM)
  • 2017 The Birth of Interdenominational Assembly of Churches
  • 2017 Interdenominational  Assembly of Churches Malawi joined EMMI on June 18  Co-Founder United Methodist Church          
  • 2017 Interdenominational  Assembly of Churches India joined EMMI on June 23 Co-Founder Pentecostal Church             
  • 2017 Interdenominational  Assembly of Churches Uganda joined EMMI on June 27 Co-Founder Evangelic Church
  • 2017 EMMI Harvestime Bible Academy free online Bible Courses
  • 2018 SUNS Phoenix the re-birth of SUNS as a ministry
  • 2019 EMMI Methodist Episcopal Nonconforming Conference and NHMM Liberal Baptist
  • 2019 EMMI Academic Research in Christian Theology and Apologetics Teaching Methods (ARCTATM) from Research, Theology                                                      
    and Teaching Ministry (RTTM)
    Archbishop Eric Michel
    Minister Ordination December 7, 1988
    Co-Ordained Unitarian Church August 8, 2012
    Bishop Ordination November 30, 2010
    Archbishop Elected May 6, 2011
Rt. Rev. Marie Y. Arnold
Minister Ordination January 31, 2010
Co-Ordained Unitarian Church August 8, 2012
Appointed Bishop October 4, 2013
Please Note
We have no affiliation with the Unitarian
Universalist in any forms. We are and
always be Christian, with membership
to the
Christian Unitarian
before 2017