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That happens as you get to know the  people and the staff at the church, also it will happens as you find your place to serve the Lord and make
a difference in the lives of others.  

We have many ministries in the organization that exist to serve and provide ways in which you can be a part of serving others.  Please contact
us if you would  like additional information about any of these ministries

Ministries / Sub Ministries  / Comities

    1 Chaplaincy Ministry  the second ministry funded in 2010
    TEMCA provides Chaplaincy service to EMS, Fire, Paramedic and Police agencies on-scene and “behind scene” with an emphasis is on Critical Incident  
    Stress mitigation. The services  offered by Emergency Ministries are without regard to religious affiliation, on issues involving things such as; fatalities  
    involving children, multiple fatality accidents, deaths of co-workers, marital problems, substance abuse issues and the like
    OUTREACH SUB-MINISTRY Homeless Sub-Ministry Team: reaching out to the homeless people near our church
    Counseling Ministry, financial Counseling Sub-Ministry: counseling those going through difficult financial times
    Special Needs Ministry Hospital Team
    Breakfast Together Outreach
    HIV & AIDS Initiative
    Visitations to Congregations
    Disaster Relief Benevolent Team: determining the assistance that the church can give to people in an emergency situation.
    Pet Chaplain is a all faith Sub-Ministry that offers empathy and comfort to pets and their families during times of loss illness,transition or grief.

    Seminary Chaplain
    FoJSBA provide Chaplaincy services to our students. Our endorsed Chaplains have the highest standard of professional qualifications. Currently.    
    FoJSBA operates Chaplaincy programs offering pastoral care to young people, school staff and  their communities.  
    FoJSBA Chaplains pastorally care for the members of school and the wider communities. We respond to issues and critical incidents as they arise, as          
    well as facilitating proactive relationship building, small group delivery and programs to ensure improved wellbeing outcomes for people and their
    FoJSBA Chaplains represent our fellowship and the wider community. We help to build connections and relationships  within a range of government and
    community organisations.  Meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our students is important as we aim to develop the whole person  and
    produce competent and successful individuals. While a variety of support services are required to meet the diverse  range of needs
    within a community, a Chaplain plays a distinct role in providing ongoing pastoral care.

    2. New Hope Ministry & Missions the third ministry founded by Rev Marie in 2013
    New Hope Support Group Leaders
    Bulletin Sub-Ministry
    Conference and Events Support Sub Ministry
    Premarital Counseling
    Women Sub-Ministry: New Hope Women's Ministry was launched in December 2014 and was born out of her desire to share the things that I've learned     
    over  the years through ministry. NHWM is not a staffed ministry in 2018, but Marie's personal ministry of sharing with others. Her desire is to be here to
    work with and try to help other women heal from brokenness and become whole again. ~ Rev Marie
    Knitting & Crocheting for Christ
    Small Groups
    Small Group Community Leaders
    Office of the Pastor Support
    Pastors Research Team
    Congregational Life & Development
    Evangelism and Mission, Missions Team: coordinating the Missions endeavors at the church.
    Grants Supporting Sub-Ministry Grants

    3. Spiritual Services Ministry the fourth ministry founded in 2013
    Worship Sub-Ministry: including sound board, video, lighting, and powerpoint operators, if you’re a gifted   
    musician or vocalist and love the Lord, you can contact our Worship Leader to begin the process of helping in our Sunday Worship Services. Reading        
    The Holy Sacraments  Sub-Ministry
    Baptism and Child Dedication
    Prayers committing to pray for the emergency and special needs that arise in our church
    Communion Team
    Choir and Band
    Welcome Team & Ushers. Sunday Morning Set-up/Duty Team: giving needed help for the setup that goes on every Sunday Coffee Fellowship providing       
    the Coffee and lunch that we enjoy every Sunday after our services.

    4. Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry Our first ministry founded in 1987
    Christian Education Sub-Ministry
    Campus Care Sub Ministry
    Online Campus Chat Host
    Online Campus Prayer Team
    Online Campus Tech Support
    Online Campus Community Leader
    CLASS Sub Ministry
    Resource Center
    Small Group Community Leaders
    Advanced Leadership Training
    Student Sub-Ministry
    Career Coaching and Counseling
    College Ministry
    Seminary Grants Comity

    5. Lay Ministry the ministry founded in 2014
    Volunteer Sub-Ministry
    Courier Team
    Food Services
    Healthcare Hospitality Team
    Greeters Team: Guest Welcome Team,  greeting people as they arrive at church and helping as an usher to find seats and accommodate the needs of       
    our guests.
    Security and Maintenance Sub-Ministry
    Babies-Kindergarten Team
    Children’s Sub-Ministries: helping in various ways with Children’s Church on Sunday morning as a teacher, or assisting our teachers in their classes.           
    You could also help with special events held throughout the year.
    Translation Sub-Ministry
    Elder Board Sub-Ministry
    Homework & Tutoring Team
    Parenting Workshops
    Social Media Team
    FINANCIAL Stewards and Trustees Sub-Ministry / helping to count the weekly offerings that our people graciously give.
    OFFICE & ADMIN Office: Volunteers helping in our office when the need arises
    Weekday Office Administration
    MEDIATECH Library Sub-Ministry and Archive / Software Engineering
    Communications & Correspondence
    Youth Sub-Ministry: assisting our Youth Pastors in reaching out to our Jr. and Sr. High young people as they make life changing decisions in this key time      
    of their lives.
    Men’s Sub-Ministry: helping to organize ministries and events that facilitate the spiritual growth and relationships of the men at our church.
    Women’s Ministries: helping to organize ministries and events that facilitate the spiritual growth and relationships of the women at our
    Widows/Widowers Sub-Ministry: assisting our widows/widowers with tangible, loving assistance when a need or problem arises.
    Policies and Reports
    Kitchen Team: providing food/meals for our church events
    Facilities Maintenance Team: meeting periodically at the church to help keep our building looking great. / Physical Labor Assistance Team: assisting       
    people in the church when extra hands are needed for a physical project and Landscaping Team:  meeting periodically at the church to help keep our
    grounds  looking great.

    6. Faith-Based Travel Ministry And Religious Vacations the ministry founded in 2016

    7. The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches the ministry, association of churches and para-churches