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Q & A 5
Joining Eric Michel Ministries Int'l is a straight-forward process. Our by-laws specify: If you accept the Articles of Faith as an Christian, then you can consider
yourself part of
Eric Michel Ministries Int'l. Any person who is Christian of any denominations shall be enrolled in the membership of this Church by making a
pledge each year and it is equal to a confirmation of accepting church beliefs, rules and you must be involve in activities and supporting your church..

This "confirmation" is accomplished by receiving the "right hand of fellowship" from the Minister and your "Membership Certificate". Thereafter, you will be greeted
by your fellow members!

To prepare for membership, to understand its benefits and responsibilities, and to ask questions, there are Inquirers' Classes several times a year. Times and
dates for the classes will be published in a newsletter, the official Chaplaincy website and on this website
"Events Calendar".
Detail of Membership Class
that they agree through their presence to respect the Christian ethos and practices of the Chaplaincy. In these Canons, the term "member" is used to mean a
person who is an active adherent to the Chaplaincy.

CL000.3.1 Aside of the universal members who all are class B members, the chaplaincy has Symposium Membership that are class A members only and it
include all accredited members of the
Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry according to the rule at the date of their integration.

CL000.3.2 Chaplaincy understands the word “congregation” NOT to be geographical to any member.

CL000.3.3 We the members of the Eric Michel Ministries International in Canada hold that all men and women are created in God's image and likeness
and that the same divine teaching on how they should live is written in every human heart, all persons are to be treated with dignity and equality, each person
having the same fundamental rights and responsibilities.

CL000.3.4 We hold that by our faith in God through Jesus, all Christians become "members of the body of Christ," that is, the Church universal, and are committed
to living out the Teaching proclaimed and lived by Jesus. We further hold that all Christians who recognize our Ministries which has historically been exercised by
Apostolic Bishop of the EMMI, are members of the Christian Faith, hereafter, simply, the Chaplaincy.

CL000.3.5 We hold that the Chaplaincy's mission, is to proclaim and show forth Jesus' Good News of how to live a fully human life as images of God in individual
and communal justice and love. We hold that the Chaplaincy realizes this mission within the context of the laws to assist its members as they endeavor to live in
the love of God and neighbor. Fundamental to the Chaplaincy's missions are certain rights and responsibilities, which pertain to all members.

Criteria for Membership – Any Christian who has completed a membership class may become a Member by participating in the Rite of Membership.
A Member in good standing is a Member who registers his/her attendance, provides identifiable financial support, makes a definite service contribution, and
demonstrates interest and loyalty.

Membership List: The list of Members in good standing shall be maintained by the Admin. Sec., who shall report changes monthly to the Board of Elders.

The Affiliate Local Chaplaincy, congregations and ministries become a integral part of EMMI with all it's privilege and duties. It is know as a Local Chaplaincy

The Ministry Association Membership (IAoC) membership for Bishops, ministers and lay volunteers under this group of associate who are paying members
or sponsored members are full member of the Symposium with the benefits accorded by the IAoC Ministry from the work of members that sit on the Board and
defined the association rules for active members only.

IAoC Members must agree to the:

Ecclesiastical Polity

Affiliation & Association with the Eric Michel Ministries International is stipulated under our Constitution for Churches and Ministries provides that
"a church may join and become affiliated with
Eric Michel Ministries International while remaining semi-autonomous in regards to operation,
and discipline", and accountable to its Head Jesus and the Archbishop.

  1. EMMI has no extra practices or rituals unique to the Christian denomination
  2. The congregations determine the nature of its worship, openness to all Christians, training, Christian service, and witness to the world.
  3. EMMI churches are dependent, Semi-Episcopal and Semi-Congregational in nature, and they ultimately strive to be as similar to the early church                       
    as possible, modeling their lives after their one true example of Jesus, and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit into all truth. EMMI believes that                   
    it is in the local congregations where people come, find fellowship, and know God as they gather in God's name.
  4. Affiliated churches subscribe to the position statement, doctrinal statement and the code of ethics.

Many of churches are seeking to release many members into ministry as the corner stone of their ministries. We offer an
educational foundation to help
introduce to them to the operations of ministers, chaplain and teacher as a part of the international network of the Christian Disciples
The affiliated congregational Churches are responsible in keeping their church records up-to-date while maintaining control of their local church with the
interference of  the
EMMI Symposium.

Congregations are missional in nature, self-governing and select its own pastor. They can own their own property, and manage their own affairs.
Permanent Synod gets involved in the affairs of the local church is to see at it's good function in faith and order. Their Local Board of Elders
will have freedom to set boundaries within their own churches if they should choose to affiliate with the denominational body.

Each minister is under the auspices of the Superintendent or Bishop in their local Region for encouragement, spiritual direction, and educational help.
The Superintendent reports directly to the Local Synod in which they report to the Permanent Synod. Each local congregation is free to structure
worship as they choose without the control of the
Regional Synod.

CL007.0.7 Sacraments & Rituals

    Frequency of the Lord's Supper and Baptism are left to the discretion of the individual churches.

    We at the Eric Michel Ministries International have Spiritual Services and five (5) Sacraments.

  1. The sacrament of Baptism
  2. The Sacrament of Marriage
  3. The Sacrament of Worship or the Sacrament of Communion, a meal or a banquet with a ritual to bless the meal and people and also during normal      
    Worship under the Species of non-alcoholic wine and host.
  4. The Sacrament of Last rite and the Spiritual Service of Funerals
  5. The Sacrament of Ordering new member to the clergy
  6. The Spiritual Service of Preaching
  7. The Spiritual Service Benedictions
  8. The Spiritual Service Consecration of the water ceremony
  9. The Spiritual Service Candlelight Tribute ceremony
  10. The Spiritual Service of Prayers

CL010.2 NEW CLASS OF MEMBERSHIP as of 2014.07.14
Membership requires both discipleship and love (cf. John 13:8). Church membership affiliates an individual believer with EMMI congregation.
It is often a formalized public declaration of commitment to the church, in a manner that varies. The duties and privileges of love in the visible church, which
constitute the orderliness and ministry of the church that is incumbent upon every member, it is represented in church by customary conventions such
as membership rolls, public profession, records, membership vows, Symposiums, the privilege of voting, church courts, judicial procedures, and the like.

010.2.1 Classes of Members
The corporation is authorized to establish Class A members and Class B members as follows:

  • The Class A members shall be entitled to receive notice of and to attend all meetings of the members of the Corporation and each Class A member shall      
    have one (1) vote at each such meeting, except for meetings at which only members of another class are entitled to vote separately as a class.

  • Except as otherwise provided by the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, S.C. 2009 c.23 the Class B members shall not be entitled to receive notice of
    attend or vote at meetings of the members of the Corporation.

  • Membership Class A shall be acquired as provided in the Constitution and Canons of the EMMI, of the members of EMMI, only those shall be entitled to      
    vote at any meeting who shall be adult communicants and who for at least six months prior to that meeting shall have been faithful attendants at the services     
    of the Church or the Chaplaincy, unless for good cause prevented, faithful contributors to its support, and faithful in working, praying and giving for the     
    spread  of the kingdom of God; these facts to be determined in each case by the Board in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and Canons         
    of the EMMI., to be added to members of the previous Canon Law

  • Membership Class B are any person using our resources and services who do not fulfill the Class A conditions. Joining Eric Michel Ministries Int'l Class B         
    is a straight-forward process. Specifically: If you accept the Articles of Faith as a Christian, then you can consider yourself part of  Eric Michel Ministries
    Int'l. Any person who is Christian of any denominations, but more specific to Christian Baptist, Evangelic, Methodist or Pentecostist  shall be enrolled in the
    membership of this Church. All internet members are Class B if they never assist to any events in person. This "confirmation" is accomplished by
    receiving your "Membership Certificate". Thereafter, you will  be greeted by your fellow members!

    To prepare for membership, to understand its benefits and responsibilities, and to ask questions, there are Inquirers' Classes several times a year.
    Times and dates for the class will be published in a newsletter, the official Chaplaincy website and on this website "Events Calendar". As stated an
    internet membership have no right to vote. (Not applicable for IAoC Members)

Please note: an internet member is not the same as an online member that use specific tools to accomplish is membership duty, event if he use the internet for
operating the tools. Tools that require members ID and Password and contain members light biography.

An Internet member can leave the  church with out any reason, they only requirement is to stop all church activities.