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Q & A 15: The Chaplaincy
The Chaplain MInistry at Eric Michel Ministries International is a ministry of presence.

The highest ranking in our chaplaincy is a Chaplain Comdr., but the proper title for any chaplain regardless of rank is "chaplain". Not Commander, or chief, or master, simply chaplain.
Rev. Eric Michel Services

  • Registered Chaplain 1987
  • Master Chaplain 2010
  • Commander Chaplain 2014

  1. Offer a ministry of presence
  2. Participate in the life of the community
  3. Officiate at special functions
  4. Liaise with other religious faith
  5. Collaborate with other care providers
  6. Provide care after critical incidents
  7. Leading prayer
The International Federation of Christian Chaplain
Born Again Shalom Church in Georgia
Rt. Rev. Dr. Mynor Vargas
Rt. Rev. Marie Yvonne
Baptist Chaplain
2014 Business Card
2018 Business Card
Saint Joseph Oratory Montreal Qc.
IFCC  International Federation of  Christian Chaplains, Inc.   Born Again Training Program  Chaplain Training