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Q & A 13 Future Ministers
We are an Independent Multi-denomination made up of numerous ministries under the leadership of Bishop Marie Arnold.
We are seeking devout Christians to join us in our efforts to strengthen our service to Christ.

Professional Sacramental and Interdenominational Seminary for Ministry in Churches, Chaplaincies, and Volunteer Ministries. Based on Bible Teachings and Practices.

  • Do you want to learn, teach, and practice the exquisite Ministry?
  • Do you have a strong aspiration to earn the right to carry his Apostolic lineage?

Statements of Faith

We hold to the Bible as the supreme written authority for our faith and practice with liberty of conscience in matters of interpretation and worship.

  1. One God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him;
  2. One Lord the Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him;
  3. The Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Guide;
  4. The Bible as the supreme written authority in matters of faith and practice;
  5. Liberty of Conscience in matters of interpretation and worship.
  6. Our Holy Sacraments of  Baptisms, Eucharist, Matrimonial, Laying on of hands, Extreme Unction.
  7. Leaving the principles of the teaching of Christ, let us go on to maturity;
  8. Repentance of the ones who have sin.
  9. Faith toward God
  10. The teaching of Baptisms
  11. Laying on of hands
  12. Eternal life

Incardination requirements

A clergyman ordained in the Apostolic Succession should apply to the office of the Archbishop of EMMI.

Ministers or Deacon applying must meet in person with one member of the House of Bishops

The following should be provided:
  1. A written letter of request for incardination.
  2. The Clergy candidate must sign the Statement of Faith.
  3. A Letter of Affirmation from the petitioner's spouse (if married).
  4. Copies of ordination certificates (if was ordain by other entity).
  5. Copies of educational certificates - diplomas, transcripts, or related life experiences. Only accredited institutions are considered valid towards, if you are ordained in , Apostolic
    Succession exceptions may be made.
  6. Ministerial experience, a list of the places they have served.
  7. Two references from ministerial experience one from clergy, one from laity.
  8. You must have a current ministry at this time, or submit a suggested plan for future ministry.
  9. The candidate will be scheduled for an interviewed with a member of the House of Bishops

The clergy person will be received in a setting of public worship as a matter of public record. This service should include
the affirmation of the clergy and laity in the service, the blessing of the clergy received, the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist
as per Canon Law.

Submit this information to the Chancey Office via surface mail to:

Eric Michel Ministries International
78 George Street, Ste 204, Ottawa, ON K1N 1W5
SEE: Q & A 4