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Google Meet
Letter of Convocation
Google Meet
Letter of Convocation
Workplace is the business version of Facebook, and it give affiliate members tools to manage your church if you partner with us.

Workplace has the potential to truly change the collaboration game. it benefits from Facebook's years of platform refinement;
and it has practically no learning curve for Facebook users in other way to say it you know how to create account and navigate
on Facebook well it is the same thing with Workplace, they only diffrerence it is for our partners.

NOTICE I: all Workplace users who DID NOT log in for over a year were deleted on Jan 28, 2020, this apply to Workplace only
and you are still invited to the Symposium on Feb 8, 2020.

How many people are in the Harvestime Bible Academy Workplace?

Invited 91

Activated 14 or 15.38% of Invited

Monthly Active 3 or 21.43% of Activated

Notice II: new address for workplace was change to

NOTICE III:  Badges are a great way to recognize a person for their role or achievements. The badges our community can be collect and
display on your profile.


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OUR DISTRICTS              Time Table
District 01 Canada                 07.00 Ott      
District 02 USA                       07.00 NY
District 03 India                     17.30 Bar
District 04 Malawi                  14.00 Lil
District 05 Uganda                 15:00 Kam
District 06 Nepal                    17.45 Kath
District 07 Kenya                   15.00 Nai
District 08 Brazil
District 09 Bangladesh
District 10 R.D.Congo
District 11 Nigeria
District 12 Zambia
District 13 Spain
District 14 Austria
District 15 Sweden
District 16 Belgium
District 17 The Netherlands
District 18 Denmark
District 19 France
District 20 Greece
District 21 Germany
District 22 United Kingdom
District 23 Italy
District 24 Portugal
District 25 Switzerland
District 26 Australia
District 27 Argentina
District 28 Japan
District 29 Mexico
District 30 South Africa
District 31 Pakistan                17.00 Lah
District 32 Mozambique
District 33 Burundi
District 34 Liberia
District 35 Togo
District 36 Ghana
District 37 Cameroon