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More on us
The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches is an international Christian association of congregations (Churches and Para-Churches).

While individuals associated with us may believe and cherish certain doctrines. First, we think that a creator created the universe.

God in which everything comes and takes precedence over all differences, whether they be theological, denominational, ideological, or physical.

We believe in the Universal Creed.

Therefore, this website is where you will find libraries of reference materials concerning differing views of various Christian doctrines. The articles in these libraries
have come from multiple sources; on our website, you will find many thought-provoking and sometimes controversial commentaries. Please keep in mind that the
inclusion of an article on this site does not necessarily reflect the beliefs of the IAoC association. Neither does a writer’s inclusion on this site imply his agreement
with all of the other articles. Each writer is responsible only for his stated views. Some of the items are from publications that are no longer in print and are give as
a resource for people to learn about and compare differing beliefs among Christians. To share ideas relating ministries, and to aid each clergy and administrator in the
education for better performance of their ministries.

The requirements for a partnership to be considered for membership are that:

  1. They are one of the Christian denominations.
  2. They are a registered corporation (NFP or NGO) or a Faith-Based Organization (FBO).
  3. They agree to maintain high ethical and moral values in all their dealings, personally and professionally.
  4. They agree to respect each person’s difference in doctrine, style and personality as they follow the IAoC.
  5. They agree to only speak in edifying ways in regards to other ministers, ministries.
  6. They agree to treat all with whom they come into contact as they would like to be treated.

Although other differences of beliefs, doctrine, interpretation, and opinion may be held and expressed by various members, these are to be kept and shown in love
and fellowship with those who may differ.

Since members of the IAoC are located in various locations throughout the world, members must subscribe to our Bible Academy Workplace discussions upon
application approval at G Suite. Using the Google Meet video discussion, which is a practical way to meet, in most instances, the only way members can be useful in
fellowship is to share and help each other.

Web-based Fellowship and Discussion Group is the heart of the fellowship association. Only those who are pay members lists are considered active members of the
IAoC. Members who are non-subscribers will be subject to have their membership revoked from the IAoC. For members who are not part of the clergy, you can attend
one or the other and login from time to time. If no activities for an extended period, you will be removed. The Web-based Discussion has a list at G Suite. Members may
post messages by e-mail, or at the web site, to this list, and the message will be delivered by e-mail to each member that is subscribed to that list. Replies to the message
are also e-mail to each member of the list. This interaction provides a way for members of any of our churches to communicate and share easily; moreover, our members
use Workplace App and Workplace Chat App and Google G Suite App.

The EMMI was founded in 2009 by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Eric Gagnon Th.D., M.Div. DPhil., for Christians who do connect with the dogmatic doctrine, which corresponds with
reality. We want the truth observations and studies to give us a vision of creating show us where our contemplation of God’s greatness. The IAoC is open to anyone
who accepts that there is a supreme deity by the name of Christ, unattainable in which everything comes. Members who are moving towards a religious vocation are
Christian and want to find a way to their spirituality. The association is a Christian interdenominational.

Ministerial Resource forum contains a board to clergy access only and includes resources to help the Minister in the performance of his/her duties. There will be other
benefits forthcoming as the churches develop.

Membership is with a due donation.

We encourage a member to sponsor a new applicant mainly to avoid spammer.

What our Church offers you?

A place where real or virtual Christian can share our thoughts and our aspirations
An approach to spirituality based on nature, experience and reason. A place of self-discovery for those seeking an outlet for their spiritual side. Resources to help
people define their own personal conception of something greater than themselves.
Ideas to make his own moral code. Suggestions on ways to live life with a greater sense the goal to reach

The IAoC member needs hopes to achieve some higher needs:

  1. The IAoC member needs knowledge
  2. The IAoC member needs for spiritual growth
  3. The IAoC member needs to find a purpose in life or understand the purpose of life
  4. The IAoC member needs answers about life and death
  5. The IAoC member needs to develop a relationship with nature and develop a concept of a deity has Christian God
  6. The IAoC member needs to share and communicate in communion with others
  7. The IAoC member needs for social structure and develops a moral code to live
  8. The association was created to help each other respond to these needs by sharing ideas and physical concepts. An association of Christians of all persuasions,             
    You can find answers to members’ needs. We want the truth observations and studies give us the vision to find answers to the questions of man’s higher needs

What kind of person does the IAoC seek to attract?

The association hopes to attract people who place a high value on free thought and reason, open-minded, individualists who are seeking a Christianity that can work
for them.

Functions, other than worship, does a congregation offer, and why should Christians be drawn to a place that provides such functions?

I (Eric Michel, the founder) have long been intrigued by the idea of a church that encourages personal growth, celebrates reason and offers a place for Christianity
around the sacred texts. As Christian, we offer these things, so the Church has a Christ Deistic foundation but lacks many features that necessary to establish a lasting
church. Hence, the Church extends in more directions than Christianity alone. The dictionary says that a church can be either a place of worship or religious teaching
(School). If some feel the need to convene with others for religious or spiritual reasons, then a church association is the solution. A church is not needed for that function
if a person has no desire to engage in worship. The Church is not intended as a house of prayer. A church certainly is a religious teaching/learning movement and a place
for devotion; however, the IAoC is a church by definition and, by extension, a place to pray and accomplish rituals.


Sharing the love of Christ as a member of the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Association Ministry of Christian Corporations, your organization joins with
other members around the world for mutual encouragement and support. By sharing fellowship through the IAoC, each organism is made stronger by access to a
multitude of resources and expertise.

Our primary mission is to serve the local Church or Christian Organization. The IAoC is here when you need help when you need resources, Christian education, and
ministries and. We can provide training for church leaders, advising during times of conflict. We assure you that your contributions are making a difference and resources
to preach the Gospels better.

FAIR SHARE (Donation)

As an organization, the only way to survive is tied to the support and donation of our members provide. We exist to serve our members and relies on financial contributions to
carry out our services.

The IAoC does require a membership donation, plus each Church supports the organization through the Fair Share, and we also ask churches to contribute to the
Cathedraticum of each diocese.