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How to Study the Bible
General Approach
  1. Get a good study Bible.
  2. Study the Bible with an attitude of prayer
  3. Pray
  4. Focus on the New Testament first
  5. Consider reading John first
  6. Pick out topics to study

Studying Techniques
  1. Use the dictionary
  2. Have a Bible notebook
  3. Highlight important stuff or things you really like  
    in your own bible
  4. Use cross references and footnotes if you have
    them in your Bible.
  5. Follow the references in your Study Bible back to
    the first time it was used
  6. Keep a journal
  7. Get rid of all distractions

Studying with Others
  1. Find a Bible study group (OHBA)
  2. Share what you have found with others within
    your Bible study group
  3. Don't take what someone else says about the topic,
    except as a guide

Sample Study Plan
  1. Decide your order.
  2. Start with the Gospels
  3. Read Acts next
  4. Read Galatians through Philemon
  5. Move on to the Old Testament
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