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Board Of Elders Executive (House of Bishops)
Rev Marie Yvonne Chief Chaplain
Ministry. She was in the 1980's a Sunday School Teacher
and Sunday School Superintendent also a member for
many years of the Jeddore Women's Missionary Society..
Most of her life was dedicated to the well being of others
mainly in the field of counseling in her community
and carries it into her Chaplain Ministry.

Rev. Marie Yvonne is the founder of the New Hope Ministry
& Missions since 2013.
.Metaphysics at Sedona on December 10th. 2011 and
Bishop of EMMI on October 4, 2013

Rev. Marie Yvonne have a Bachelor Metaphysical Science
from Sedona, Arizona Class of 2010

Rev Marie Yvonne is a spiritual counsellor and a
Metaphysical Teacher at the
R.T.T. Ministry  and she is an
experienced professional with many years of studies,
teaching and working in her field.

Rev. Marie Yvonne is an active Member of The Sedona
University, and associate with fellow Affinity groups.
History of EMMI

In 2010 we were only a Chaplaincy under the name Eric
Chaplaincy Ministry, The Spiritual Services Ministry  and
The Teaching Ministry. Then the hole organization was a

2012 Rev Marie and Rev Eric meet and became spouses
and during that time we found out that the Chaplaincy
needed an organisation to endorse the Chaplaincy, In
Canada we where the only one of our kind so we needed to
establish one.  It was Rev. Marie's dream for a long period
of time to have her own church

and in
2013 was born New Hope Ministry

2014 for economic reason EMMI & NHM merge and became
New Hope Ministry & Missions. During the year EMMI
registered  with the Government as a religious non for profit
corporation under the number 895170-5.

Today EMMI count 12 ministries and New Hope Ministry &
Missions is the backbone of them all.

  • 1st it is the only ministry dedicated to worship, with out
    NHM&M it has no religious worship movement.
  • 2nd NHM&M is involve in all ministries. It is the ministry  
    that supplies the clergy, administering all EMMI.

The Chaplaincy work under the clergy board, but NHM&M
works hand in hand with the clergy board and also the
board of Elders.

Any thing going on at EMMI it has to be through the NHM&M