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Association of churches and para-churches
Understand the Bible completely
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reasoning according to the 21st-century view on Christ.

Class on location only in Ottawa, Ontario.

  • What is religion? It is man-made?
  • Who is God? An old man in the sky?
  • What is the Trinity? Father Son and Holy Spirit
  • Who is Christ?
  • Why it has only one God?
  • How God reveals himself to humanity?
  • What are the books that God gave us?
  • What is a spirit?
  • How many kinds of spirits?
  • What is an angel?
  • What is the soul?
  • What is God relation with us?
  • What about sins? Hell, the devils and sins
  • Who are John the Baptizer, Jesus of Nazareth and the apostles?
  • What are the Last Days?
  • Does Christian believe in reincarnation?
  • Does Christian believe in extra-terrestrial life?
  • Why Christian don’t get involved in the occult?
  • Christian and the paranormal Wikipedia: Paranormal events are purported phenomena          
    described in popular culture, folk, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose           
    existence within these contexts is described as beyond normal experience or scientific         
  • Telepathy a Christian view on...
  • Extrasensory perception a Christian view on...
  • Spiritualism a Christian view on...
  • Ghost hunting a Christian view on...
  • Cryptozoology a Christian view on...
  • Ufology a Christian view on...
  • The Book of Nature
  • The Bible

Our US Headquarters will be in
mostly within Collin County but includes a small portion that extends into Denton County.

The city’s population was estimated at 286,143 in 2017, making it the ninth most populous city in the
state of Texas and the 69th most populous in the United States. The city is a hub for many corporate
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In our Part 3 information, we created a Facebook Group to great our new members in Canada USA
New Hope Ministry and Missions own and manage the Facebook Group American Harvestime
Bible Academy and Seminary. This Group is for discussions about Christianity, God and the
Bible Founder Rt. Rev. Marie Y. Arnold.

New Hope Ministry and Missions a Baptist Fellowship
You MUST live in Canada – USA to be a member of this group.
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Christan Partners Proposal and Ministry Opportunities

Can you imagine seeing yourself leading a church

Are you called by God to serve directly within your communities?

Our world is lost without Jesus and yet God is working through his Church, inviting you to join him
in his mission.

Be part of a church that helps you connect with you’re spiritually and with your friends and family
will spread the gospel?

Looking for someone to serve as a church planting partner and servicing as well, working with us to
start and build a church in your city.

Being a pastor is great if it’s your call, but also as rewarding an Elders or Deacons

Nobody should have to do ministry alone. We create this opportunity for you to connect with members
of your community and build with us a family that genuinely cares about you and give you strength
and joy doing life together.

We are looking for:

Someone that can play a significant role with your support
Someone who doesn’t already have lots of partnerships and funding
Someone who wants to extend peace through Compassion
Someone who wants to carry the Gospel to their own neighbourhood
Someone who wants to obey the great commission
We believe an effective way of reaching others with the gospel is through planting a strong local church.

We are working in Canada since 1978 and incorporated in 2014 when we decided to grow by ourselves.
We are Methodist and united with Baptist but before all we are Christians.

Our mission is not just going to ‘make disciples’ but to ‘baptize’ and incorporate believers into communities
with accountability and love for each other that transforms every area of their communities with Christ.

Ephesians 2:19 New International Version (NIV)
Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also
members of his household.

If you are ready to go or are considering us, this is your place to get started

Qualities and contact

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