Interdenominational Assembly of Churches
Association of churches and para-churches
  1. Pentecostal Church Vadapalli India represented by Philip Kumar, J.Kaladhar
  2. Bethel Orphanage Care Foundation represented by the Rev. Robert Muhindo
  3. Glory Ministry in Kenya represented by the Rev. Philip E. Odhiambo
  4. Christ Commission Fellowship represented by Rt. Rev. Julius O. Nyambuoro
  5. NGO in Caucaia, Brasil. represented by Conceição Souza
  6. Happy Times Care Ministries represented by Pastor Muwonge Ibrahim
  7. Set Free Church and ministries, represented by Pastor David and Petronilla Turyatemba
  8. African United Methodist in Malawi represented by Rt. Rev. Xaviour Sebastian Chikwatu
  9. Greater Grace Ministries represented by Rev. David Kisaame
  10. New Light Church Evangelical Pentecostal in Nepal represented by Rev. Sunu Bajrachraya
  11. The Farm Project Uganda
  12. Friends of Humanity Gospel Ministries represented by Pastor N. Fabian
  13. Recare for Kids International Organization represented by Pastor Bogere Kiki Hagine
  14. Jehovah Jireh Brethren Assembly
NGO Members
Baptist – Evangelical – Methodist – Pentecostal

from three continents

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District 02 USA
District 01 Canada
District 03 India
  • Parish 04 Indian Pentecostal Church
  • Parish 15 Grace Ministries Welfare Society
  • 05 African United Methodist Church
  • 12 Divine Light Ministries
  • All Nations Volunteers Praise Ministry
District 05 Uganda
  • Parish 09 Bethel Orphanage Care Foundation
  • Parish 14 Set  free Church & Ministries
  • Parish 19 Happy Times Care Ministries
District 06 Nepal
District 07 Kenya
  • Parish 07 Christ Commission Fellowship Church
  • Parish 08 Glory Ministry in Kenya
  • Parish 13 House of Light Pentecostal Church
  • Parish 20 Friends of Humanity Gospel Ministries
  • Parish 21 Centre of Praise Fellowship Church
  • Parish 24 Old Camp Ground Ministries
  • Parish 25 Builders For Christ Assembly Church
District 08 Brazil