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Lyle Arnold
Joyce Baker
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THE SYMPOSIUM APPS (General Assembly)

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Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry of Eric Michel Ministries International

The formal code of doctrine and discipline from Eric Michel Ministries International Code of Canon Law 1987        
to 2017. Last edition 2014 plus yearly updated and including this Constitution and Bylaws.

Les Ministères Eric Michel International and Eric Michel Ministries International is legally constituted as a            
Not-for-Profit Corporation at Industry Canada under the number # 895170-5 and at Canada Revenue          
Agency under thenumber # 80323 9177 RC001

Whereas we, being an incorporated body of people of like precious faith:

  • Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life through His death and the power of His resurrection.
  • Believe the Bible to be God’s word and the revelation of His will to man and accept it as our rule for                
    faith and conduct.
  • Believe Christian fellowship, mutual edification and evangelical effort, in the form of local churches,               
    is God’s ordained order for His people.
  • Believe each church is to assemble together for worship, fellowship, counsel, and instruction in the                
    Word of God, and the work of the ministry
  • Believe each church should exercise the gifts and offices provided for in the New Testament to obtain            
    the Christian goal, “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect.”
  • Believe God has called and anointed us to emphasize the fullness of the Gospel through the Baptism            
    of the Holy Spirit.                                       

Therefore, we have accepted and adopted the following Statement of Fundamental Truths and Constitution.

We shall seek, by the grace of God, to be governed by the Constitution as set forth, and will also seek to
teach         and propagate the doctrines contained in the Statement of Fundamental Truth
Archbishop Dr. Eric Gagnon
Executive Director
Letter of Convocation of the Second Symposium in 2019


  1. Pentecostal Church Vadapalli India represented: Philip Kumar, J. Kaladhar, plus 2 other delegates
  2. Bethel Orphanage Care Foundation represented by the Rev. Robert Muhindo, plus 2 other delegates
  3. Glory Ministry in Kenya represented by the Rev. Philip E. Odhiambo, plus 2 other delegates
  4. Christ Commission Fellowship Church represented by Rt. Rev. Julius O. Nyambuoro, plus 2 other delegates
  5. Conceição Souza want to set up an NGO in Caucaia, Brazil, plus 2 other delegates
  6. Happy Times Care Ministries by Pastor Muwonge Ibrahim
  7. Set Free Church / Ministries by Pastor David and Petronilla Turyatemba
  8. African United Methodist in Malawi by Rev. Xaviour Sebastian Chikwatu, plus 2 other delegates
  9. Greater Grace Ministries by Rev. David Kisaame, plus 2 other delegates
  10. Evangelical Pentecostal in Nepal by Rev. Sunu Bajrachraya, plus 2 other delegates
  11. Archbishop Eric Michel
  12. President of the House of Bishops: Bishop Marie Arnold
  13. President of the Board of Elders at International Level: Mr. Lyle Arnold
  14. Elder at International Level:  Mrs. Joyce Baker
  15. Basil Arnold
  16. Prophet J Elisha Ministries Ian Jombo Elisha
  17. Pastor James Odeku
  18. Pas. Varaprasad Kanamala
  19. Pastor Hezborn Bosire
  20. Pastor Fabian Nkunzimana
  21. Pastor Ogoro Joash
  22. Touch Jesus Outreach Ministries

My dear brothers and sisters, you are cordially invited to your general meeting named “Symposium” that will be
held during the weeks of January 12, 2019 and January 26, 2019.

Please Note that we have a deadline to meet:

90 Days before convocation Oct 15, 2018 (This letter)
30 Days before all proposals deadline Dec 13, 2018
Jean Ndayiziga  
Bishop Julius O. Nyambuoro
Clergy representative
Bishop Marie Arnold
Pastor Nkunzimana Fabien
Elected at the Symposium of January 2019
The Board of Elders of the Symposium (General Assembly) must be between 1 and 21 Members
Xaviour S. Chikwatu
Superintendent Bishop
Julius O. Nyambuoro
Superintendent Bishop
Dr. Stephen K. Gbeve
Samwel Mark-Oloo
Dr M. M. Waqas

  1. Aaron Mulibika
  2. Adolfo Fongluna
  3. Ameera Bajrachraya
  4. Archbishop Eric Gagnon
  5. B R S Kalpana
  6. B. Naveen Kumar
  7. B.Mojes Dass
  8. B.Raj Kumar
  9. Basil Arnold
  10. Bertha Mpama
  11. Bimala Sadashankar
  12. Bishnu Pandey
  13. Bishop Dr M.M. Waqas
  14. Bishop Dr. Stephen Kwabla Gbeve
  15. Bishop Julius O. Nyambuoro
  16. Bishop Marie Arnold
  17. Bishop Samuel Sameer
  18. Bishop Samuel Mark Oloo
  19. Bishop Theodore T. Wally
  20. Bishop Xaviour S. Chikwatu
  21. Bobbanapalli Philip Kumar
  22. Bogere K. Hagine
  23. Chanda Sunar
  24. Conceição Souza
  25. David Waiswa
  26. David Tenywa
  27. Esther Malikebu
  28. Fabian Nkunzimana
  29. Farhan Malik
  30. Gita Sunar
  31. Godfrey Sentamu
  32. Harriet Uriah
  33. Henry Wesonga
  34. Hezborn Bosire
  35. Ian Jombo Elisha
  36. Ogoro Joas
  1. Joel Muliika
  2. Joyce Baker
  3. Lyle Arnold
  4. Magret Nazigamba
  5. Muldhan B Magar
  6. Muwonge Ibrahim
  7. Nkunzimana Fabien
  8. Pastor Charles Waweru Wilken
  9. Pastor David Turyatemba
  10. Pastor Peter Kamodzi
  11. Pastor Raju Pariyar
  12. Petros Mastera
  13. Pierre Luc Galarneau
  14. Pilirani Jombo
  15. Priston Kunje
  16. Punam Lepchon
  17. Pushpa Karki
  18. Rev Philip Edward Odhiambo
  19. Rev. David Kisaame
  20. Rev. Masih Irfan
  21. Rev. Robert Muhindo
  22. Rich Friday
  23. S.Cornelius Chinna
  24. Tirtha Raj Kapali
  25. V. Manahor Raju
  26. Varaprasad Kanamala
  27. Hamilton K.Bleh
  28. Ian Khomera
  29. J.R.S. Kaladhar
  30. Juliet Makweza
  31. Made Ravindra Babu