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The Bible
Get Life-Changing, Trustworthy Biblical Training from Top Biblical Professors
EMMI Harvestime Bible Academy is a distance education program for personal spiritual enrichment
open to all. Possibility to students graduating from this program to become more involved in ministry
in their local church or church agencies
EMMI Harvestime Bible Academy aims to help the body of Christ grow in their relationship with God,
find their purpose, and help them cover the world with the Gospel.
EMMI Harvestime Bible Academy

  • Founded in 1978 by action of the Assembly of S.U.N.S. (Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry)
  • Private co-educational Bible Academy
  • Over 4 denominations represented and a churches association
Self-Paced Bible Courses

Complete with materials, and an online classroom, students are now able to go through the
material as fast or as slow as they would like with direction and input from a mentor. This allows
students to take the class in a way that best suits their own needs. Take the opportunity to put
in the necessary work to understand the Bible in the way God wrote it and communicate.
EMMI Footsteps of Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy
and EMMI Harvestime Bible Academy
are sub ministries of
EMMI Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry
Image: BandeauportailBible.png
Source: A portion of the Penteteuch in Hebrew, British Library Oriental MS. 4,445 containing the Massorah Magna and Parva.
This section contains Exodus 20:1-5. Source: Plate VIII. The S.S. Teacher's Edition: The Holy Bible. New York: Henry Frowde,
Publisher to the University of Oxford, 1896. Llywrch, 21 février 2010. http://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:BandeauportailBible.gif
Open Harvestime Bible Academy & Online Bible Academy
  • Be part of our bible studies, not only the articles of faith but it's origin, who wrote it and why...
  • From other religions, scientists, or even atheist point of view...
  • Not limited to the book itself, but all the historic, archeology and people surrounding the Bible
  • We encourage you to have an open mind and be part of the discussion in our Bible Group
    with your group host the Rev Eric Michel ThD DDiv DPhil
Online Bible Correspondence Courses
  • Our Non-Degree email courses provided by Eric Michel Ministries International
  • Free biblical online & email courses to students all around the world.
  • After you complete an email course an attestation will be emailed to you at no cost.
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B.A. Courses
*** School Membership
Donation of
20.00$ CAD Only
NB:  Some classes are for our members only, if you will like to attend in one of our member only classes
apply for
membership who is ONLY 20.00$ per year.

  • Fees for classes who are give by us are all 100.00$ (mainly they are in class workshops)
  • Fees for Chaplain Training are variable due to our partners fees and they will be posted
    at same time as date of classes in our agenda.
  • Fees for studies which at the end you will receive a certificate varies with the matter and
    it will be posted in our agenda with Title of course, fees, where to attend etc.
  • The Online Bible Correspondence Courses are ALL TIME FREE with school membership ***
Forum Discussion Class @ Workplace.Facebook.com
  • Bible: Comments and Discovery
  • HBA Classroom
  • Harvestime Bible Academy in the News
  • Where Do Human Rights Come From?
  • Religion
  • What is the Global Governance?
  • Protection and Defend of Human Rights
Online Learning At F.O.J. Seminary Or At Open Harvestime Bible Academy
No student has to wait for a full year or semester to start with studies. Different people study at different paces
which means a student can now determine and maintain their own pace. Students can register any time of the
year as and when it suits the student best in terms of own circumstances, whether it be available funds, job
requirements or The terms "online" and "offline" have specific meanings in regard to computer technology
and telecommunications in which "online" indicates a state of connectivity, while "offline" indicates a disconnected
state. We extended from our computing and telecommunication meanings and refers specifically to an Internet
connection,in the area of human interaction and conversation, discussions are taking place.

Online Study is a type of computer-supported collaborative learning system that developed with the emergence
of Web. Our Online Study or e-learning increased emphasis on social learning and use of social software such
as blogs, wikis, podcasts and virtual worlds.  In addition to virtual classroom environments, our social networks
have become an important part of E-learning. Social networks have been used to foster online learning
communities around subjects as diverse as test preparation. The use of handheld computers or cell phones to
assist in learning. Virtual Learning Environments provide an easy to use system for flexibly delivering learning
materials, activities and support to students across our Seminary.

Our Student Portal is an online study platform listing undergraduate and postgraduate programmes worldwide,
as well as other resources use for both programs the Seminary and the Bible Academy. Sunday School cannot
be taking online but student can access informations regarding the Bible and Faith. No credit are awarded to
Sunday School.

FOJSBA provides all you need to success, also  students  can pay for access services and courses online.
Seminary & Bible Academy