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Introducing the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches
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With more than 75 churches partners come alongside
Eric Michel Ministries International. Staffed with Directors, Clergies and supporting
staff members, to mobilize all the services we provide in Christ at our International Districts and bring them out into the communities who needed the most ...

    Classification: Protestant
    Orientation: Interdenominational  
    Polity: Episcopal & Connexionalism
    Associations: Interdenominational Assembly of Churches
                           Independent Christian Churches International
    Ministries: Fellowship, Chaplaincy, Seminary, Association of Churches
    Headquarters: Ottawa Ontario. Canada
    Regions: Christian World
    Founder:  Most Rev. Dr Eric M. Gagnon
    Official website:
Archbishop Coat of Arms
Not-for-profit Religious Corporation
Canada Non-Profit Registered 895170-5
Canada Taxation 803239177RC300
Entreprise Quebec Non-Profit 1170642343
Eric Michel Ministries International founded in 1978, is a 42 year-old non-profit providing via different
ministries the Gospel of Christ.
Governed by the Scriptures of the Holy Bible asserts and upholds the right of each and every individual
to search these scriptural records for themselves and to use reason and personal conscience to discover

Upholds the beautiful simplicity of the great commandments as defined by Jesus:
    “You must love  your God with all your heart, with all your soul and all your mind” and
    “You must love your neighbour as yourself”

Our Vision
Our vision is to complete the commission that we received from Christ. We pray for empowerment so that
demonic instruments are expelled and healing comes to many. It is also our hope that as a body of believers
we can direct our nation along the right path. We pray for this vision who will enable to see the glorious truth
of Christ.

NB: Regarding faith we are member of Associations that require for membership to comply with their
statement of faith in which EMMI is a member.

Remember that we are an  inter-denomination of the Christian faith.
The Most Rev. Eric Gagnon , DTheol. DDiv. DPhil.
Archbishop of Eric Michel Ministries International
Founder & Commander of the Chaplaincy
    Where does an archbishop live?
    The Archbishop official residence in Quebec is named
    Saint Gilles Manse in the Laurentides serving Montreal North Shore.
    Is Archbishop biblical?
    The  Archbishop, in the Christian church, is a bishop who, in
    addition to his ordinary episcopal authority in his own Country,
    has jurisdiction over the International bishops member of the
    Interdenominational Assembly of Churches.

    In Christianity, an archbishop (Latin archiepiscopus, from
    Greek αρχιεπίσκοπος, from αρχι-, 'chief', and επίσκοπος,
    'bishop') is a bishop of higher rank or office. In some cases,
    such as the Lutheran Church of Sweden and the Church of
    England, the title is borne by the leader of the denomination.
    Like popes, patriarchs, metropolitans, cardinal bishops,
    diocesan bishops, and suffragan bishops, archbishops are in
    the highest of the three traditional orders of bishops, priests
    (also called presbyters), and deacons. An archbishop may be
    granted the title or ordained as chief pastor of a metropolitan
    see or another episcopal see to which the title of archbishop is
    attached. At EMMI the Archbishop is equivalent of a Bishop

    Their names are often abbreviated and referred to as "AB" or
A Christian denomination is a distinct religious body within Christianity, identified
by traits such as a name, organization, leadership and doctrine. Individual bodies,
however, may use alternative terms to describe themselves, such as church or
sometimes fellowship. Divisions between one group and another are defined by
authority and doctrine; issues such as the nature of Jesus, the authority of
apostolic succession, eschatology, and papal primacy may separate one
denomination from another. Groups of denominations, often sharing broadly
similar beliefs, practices, and historical ties, are sometimes known as "branches
of Christianity". These branches differ in many ways, especially through
differences in practices and belief.

Christians have various doctrines about the body of the faithful that they
believe Jesus Christ established and about how the divine church corresponds
to Christian denominations.

We have recognized baptisms and acknowledge historically orthodox views
including the Divinity of Jesus and doctrines of sin and salvation. Our main
source is the BIBLE. We include all non-denominational Christians.
Denominationalism is the belief that all Christian groups are legitimate churches
of the same religion regardless of their distinguishing labels, beliefs, and
practices we refer to the sermon of the televangelist Frederick K.C. Price on
time said,: "Jesus was NOT Catholic, Methodist, He was not Evangelic Baptist,
not Episcopalian, Jesus was not Lutheran, Pentecostal, Anglican, Presbyterian,
Jesus was a "JEW", a prophet and healer of the Jewish faith. (According to
Bishop Spong, prophet doesn't mean telling the future like many think, but
explaining the Kingdom of God).

We choose to be Methodist Episcopalien for the Christian traditions who are
a collection of traditions consisting of practices or beliefs associated with
Christianity. These ecclesiastical traditions have more or less authority based
on the nature of the practices or beliefs.

We have a traditional practices, such as particular patterns of worship or rites,
that developed over time. Similarly, traditions can be stories or history that are
or were widely accepted without being part of Christian doctrine, Our Traditions
include the claim of the apostolic succession by our teaching in which we
recognize church authorities as ecclesiastical officials the Archbishop and
our House of Bishops with the House of Elders, in which all congregants have
a vote enlighten by the Holy Spirit at our General Assembly call the Symposium
who is under our Canon Law.

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    Archb. Eric Michel
  • Founder of Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry (S.U.N.S. 1978),
  • Co-Founder of EMMI Chaplaincy (2010)
  • Member of United Baptist, Co-Founder of New Hope Ministry & Missions
  • Founder & Member of Eric Michel Ministries International (since 2010)
  • Founder & Member of Research, Theology, Teaching Ministry (RTTM)
  • Member of the International Federation of Christian Chaplain
  • Member of the United Religions Initiative Interfaith Cooperation Circles.
    Founder of Harmony Circle
  • Member of American Association Of Wedding Officiant
  • Methodist Ministry
  • New Hope Ministry & Missions
  • Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry
  • RTT Ministry (Academic Research in Christian Theology and Apologetics
    Teaching Methods)
  • Chaplaincy Ministry
  • Footsteps of Jesus Seminary & Bible Academy
  • Harvestime Bible Academy
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Mr. Lyle Arnold
President Board of Elders
Mrs. Joyce Baker
Director Board of Elders
Bishop Julius O. Nyambuoro
Director Board of Elders
Pastor Fabian Nkunzimana
Director Board of Elders
Pastor Philip E. Odhiambo
Director Board of Elders
Bishop Xaviour S. Chikwatu
Director Board of Elders
Mr. Jean Ndayiziga
Vice-President of the  Board of Elders
Rt. Rev. Marie Arnold
President House of Bishops
Rev. Darious Togba
Director Board of Elders
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Rev. Eric Michel's Family at John XXIII Catholic Church Gatineau Quebec

    Rev. Eric Michel
    Minister Ordination December 7, 1988
    Bishop Ordination November 30, 2010
    Archbishop Elected May 6, 2011

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                                                                                      Michael Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל‎, romanized: Mîkhā'ēl, lit. 'Who is like God?'; Greek: Μιχαήλ, romanized: Mikhaḗl; Latin: Michahel; Coptic:
                                                                                      ⲙⲓⲭⲁⲏⲗ; Arabic: ميخائيل ، مِيكَالَ ، ميكائيل‎, romanized: Mīkā'īl, Mīkāl or Mīkhā'īl)  is an archangel in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In
                                                                                      Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran systems of faith, he is called "Saint Michael the Archangel" and
                                                                                     "Saint Michael". In the Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox religions, he is called "Saint Michael the Taxiarch". In other
                                                                                      Protestant churches, he is simply called "Archangel Michael".

                                                                                      Attributes  Archangel; Treading on a dragon; carrying a banner, scales, and sword
                                                                                      Patronage Protector of the Jewish people, Guardian of the Catholic Church, Vatican City, sickness
                                                                                      Michael romanized: Mîkhā'ēl, lit. 'Who is like God?';

                                                                                     Michael is mentioned three times in the Book of Daniel. The idea that Michael was the advocate of the Jews became so prevalent
                                                                                     that, in spite of the rabbinical prohibition against appealing to angels as intermediaries between God and his people, Michael came
                                                                                     to occupy a certain place in the Jewish liturgy.

                                                                                     In the New Testament Michael leads God's armies against Satan's forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven
                                                                                     he defeats Satan. In the Epistle of Jude Michael is specifically referred to as "the archangel Michael". Catholic sanctuaries to Michael
                                                                                     appeared in the 4th century, when he was first seen as a healing angel, and then over time as a protector and the leader of the army
                                                                                     of God against the forces of evil.
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    Executive Counsel

  1. President Lyle Arnold
  2. Vice-President Jean Ndayiziga
  3. Secretary Joyce Baker
  4. Religious Representative Bishop Julius O. Nyamburo
Bishop Samuel Mark Oloo
Director Board of Elders
The Board of Elders 2018 - 2019
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