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50 Years
Since The Beginning
1966 - 2016
The work of Rev. Eric Michel
Most Rev. Dr. Eric M. Gagnon  D.Div., Th.D., D.Phil.  
  • Director of the EMMI Footsteps Of Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy
  • Founder of Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry (1987),
  • Co-Founder of EMMI Chaplaincy (2010)
  • Co-Founder of the Evangelic Baptist Fellowship
  • Member of the International Federation of Christian Chaplain

God Is My Light
The Eric Michel Ministries International is a multi-denominations of Christian
Independent organization with association or contractual agreement
With establish churches in Canada and USA and Australia, to deliver full services
to our members.

Welcoming environment built upon a solid foundation of God’s Word and dedicated service in preaching
and living the Gospel of Christ. We hope to have you join our fellowship so we can help each other grow
in the knowledge and love of Christ.

The Eric Michel Ministries International (EMMI) is a Not-for-profit corporation of Chaplains with
headquarters based in Ottawa, Ontario,Canada. The Chaplaincy traces its founding to Jesus and
the Twelve Apostles and sees the Bishops of the church as the successors of the Apostles. While it
derives its Apostolic Succession from the teaching.

Baptists are individuals who comprise a group of Christian denominations and churches that subscribe
to a doctrine that baptism should be performed only for professing believers, believer's baptism, as
opposed to infant baptism, and that it must be done by complete immersion, as opposed to effusion or
sprinkling. Other tenets of Baptist churches include soul liberty, salvation through faith alone, Scripture
alone as the rule of faith and practice, and the autonomy of the local congregation. Baptists recognize
two ministerial offices, elders and deacons. Baptist churches are widely considered to be Protestant
churches, though some Baptists disavow this identity.

Diverse from our beginning, those identifying as Baptists today differ widely from one another in what
we believe, how we worship, their attitudes toward other Christians, and their understanding of what is
important in Christian discipleship.

Historians trace the earliest church labeled "Baptist" back to 1609 in Amsterdam, with English Separatist
John Smyth as its pastor. In accordance with his reading of the New Testament, he rejected baptism of
infants and instituted baptism only of believing adults. Baptist practice spread to England, where the
General Baptists considered Christ's atonement to extend to all people, while the Particular Baptists
believed that it extended only to the elect. In 1638, Roger Williams established the first Baptist
congregation in the North American colonies. In the mid-18th century, the First Great Awakening
increased Baptist growth in both New England and the South. The Second Great Awakening in the South
in the early 19th century increased church membership, as did the preachers' lessening of support for
abolition and manumission of slavery, which had been part of the 18th-century teachings. Baptist
missionaries have spread their church to every continent.

The history of
Eric Michel Ministries International is based on documents that we possess,
since 2010 we were saying that our roots started in 1987 leading to the general ordination of the
members of S.U.N.S.,on December the 7 of the year 1988, when we did  the mediatech Bible list on
November 6, 2015 we found a Bible with a mark SUNS and dated of 1978. We are existing at today
date for at lease 41 years.(2019)

Ecumenism is:
any interdenominational initiative aimed at greater cooperation among Christian churches

Eric Michel Ministries Int'l Chaplaincy and Seminary,an multi-denominational Christian Organisations.
This is the way that we teach and outreach since the beginning, We are convince that the only way for
salvation is having only
one Christian Faith one Church,

ERIC MICHEL says:" I remember a sermon of the
televangelist Frederick K.C. Price on time said,:
"Jesus was NOT Catholic, Methodist, He was not Evangelic Baptist, not Episcopalian, Jesus was not
Lutheran, Pentecostal, Anglican, Presbyterian, Jesus was a "JEW", a prophet and healer of the Jewish

According to Bishop Spong, prophet doesn't mean telling the future like many think, but explaining the
Kingdom of God.

Before 2015 as a Non-Denominational Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy is a daughter of The Eric Michel Ministries International with is Headquartered in
Ottawa  Ontario Canada.  The Chaplaincy came from a long way of research and studies since 1966
with is first embryo in 1987 (1978 with out any members). We believe that every person must experience
the truth for themselves in order for it to take a hold of their life and become their guiding revelation.
The Chaplaincy unlike some Churches on the Internet is not about money but will like your support to
the Chaplaincy by buying goods from our store

The Chaplaincy promote the fact that there is a Supreme Being. It should be the goal of everyone to
look for that Deity in the world around us and let that discovery enrich our life.
The Chaplaincy beliefs
and practices
the words of Jesus leader of a truly pacific Church and his first apostle who created the
first Christian Churches, Mary of Magdalena, James, Peter and Paul and became the leader of the twelves.
The Medieval scholars who worked to dismiss all evidence of a woman leader of the Church made her
gospel apocrypha. For us the truth is not restricted to any one group, location, experience or holy writ.
We learn from anyone searching and exposing the facts if we can rationalize it with reason it become
part of our believes.

We use the words not only to glorify God, also we use them toward our neighbour, keeping in mind the
golden rule, to help with the tools or the possibility in our disposition to help. We won't ask to give what
you don't have as they say: "The charity begins at home".The
EMMI is a Chaplaincy open to other faith,
even if we keep a Christian position on our believe.
The Chaplaincy is exoteric ***, meaning accessible to
all, understand other faiths and agree to be part of interfaith organizations to promote peace with the
cooperative group
HARMONY using the interaction between different religious traditions at the
individual level with the aims to create social assistance to anyone in need.

The EMMI Seminary the "Footsteps Of Jesus is the one who train and supply the clergy persons and
administer with
New Hope Ministry and Missions all our organizations. The clergy is composed of  
ministers devoted to help people of our community. The
EMMI suggests that we should each be our own
individual moral authority. A Chaplaincy must serve its members’ higher needs; therefore, the
offers recommendations and suggestions for its members to fashion a system of moral and ethical conduct
that works for them.
EMMI has dogmas with prescribed rituals.

The closest the Chaplaincy comes to preach is the meditations, The Chaplaincy is mindful of the fact
that the clergy is what drove many people away from their former Churches. That is not an outcome that
Chaplaincy desires  here. The Chaplaincy will never have a minister or any officer with claims authority
over any other member faith's. We say spiritual behaviour that each of us do on our own and we do not
have standard practices, each individual believe and do rituals in is own Christian way..

Our Clergy, that is the only place that we have a structure, hierarchies and rules, not toward faith or
religious activities but as an organization with CEO,directors, managers, supervisors and clerks. We call
ourselves Chaplains, so it make sense to use Chaplaincy denominations like misters, pastors,
bishops or archbishops. Our role is support, we aim the clergy in helping people or group of peoples as a
social worker, our goal as any Christian is helping the neighbour. The religious clothes, wearing by some
of us, as an uniform, it facilitate our work when we meet new people, it distinguish from the mass we wear
it like the salvation army uniform, it play the same role.

Now we need to mention the clergy exceptions,as everyone know we have only one believe and it is in God,
but we have three pathway to explore or practice with different additions to the traditional Christianisme.
We have in our
congregation members who emphases on Jesus,and the Chaplaincy who rational
their philosophy on being informed by science (
RTB), inspired by art, and motivated by compassion.
Affirming the dignity of each human being, it supports the maximization of individual liberty and opportunity
consonant with social and planetary responsibility.

Clergy members do perform rituals like baptism, marriage or funerals, where the law permit
the accreditation's are done by the Government. We ordain anyone who asks for it, freely, who are
seeking the truth as a we are all, and practice the golden rule to treat others as he/she want to be treated.

Spirituality must have a place in our thoughts to provide a good philosophy of life. The word "philosophy"
means the rational study of general subjects concerning which certainty cannot easily be established
scientifically or by simple observation. These often include topics that range from existence, knowledge
and reason to morality, the mind and beauty. The English word "philosophy" comes from the Greek
philosophia, which literally means "love of wisdom" and was used to refer to any pursuit of knowledge.
"Science" was coined to refer to the reasoning known as the scientific method which employed increasingly
successful empirical technical .The term Natural Philosophy was succeeded by the natural sciences, such
as physics, chemistry and biology, according to

Wisdom is the comprehension of what is true or right coupled with optimum judgment as to action.
Synonyms include: Sagacity, discernment, or insight. Wisdom often requires control of one's emotional
reactions (the "passions") so that one's principles, reason and knowledge prevail to determine one's
actions. Wisdom is considered to be the sum of the experiences and knowledge gained during our live.
Wisdom gives to men that true perspective with which to discover the real purpose of life. Spirituality must
have a place daily life, building the honest, unselfish, tolerant human being and  producing in him/her the
preference for values over material excesse..We believe that it is your right to believe as you feel  and not
as what a Church or a clergy person tell you what to believe. We also feel that a Chaplaincy is to help
others with differing beliefs as well.

Union of Methodist and Baptist
In 2012 the Rev. Eric Michel met the Rev. Marie Yvonne on the social networking and became friends
and spouse after a long period of chatting in person.  They had several discussions concerning the
Metaphysic and the Baptist Faith of which she was a member. Their discussion became more interesting
as they spoke about the Christian faith, the usage of the Bible the historical Jesus, the history of the church,
Rev. Eric had left Belleville Ontario to live in Trois-Rivières Quebec, while Rev. Marie was living in
Jeddore Nova Scotia.

Rev. Eric became associated with the Église Évangélique Chrétienne de Lorraine as a Celebrant Pastor
and working in his own chaplaincy ministry. Rev. Marie from the United Baptist in Atlantic Canada pursuit
her goal at the University of Sedona. After three years of work the Non-Denominational Christian Chaplaincy
became a ministry under
Eric Michel Ministries International Methodist Baptist Fellowship.
From experiences the
Rev. Eric never let go his pholosophy-faith-traditions and incorporate them in the
Methodist Baptist who reflect more the thought of his spirituality. The
Rev. Eric does teach his theology
via is work of chaplain and spends his ministry teaching people how Christ deals with the practical
concerns of their lives, family, work, pain, addictions, spirituality, and so forth. In opposition the
via her New Hope Ministry and Missions teach a Christianity where dogma are the main part
of her ministry.

Methodist Baptist Fellowship

Emerging Christianity
Surprising that our teaching is close to the Roman Catholic Church under the new Pope Francis I.
We are a Non-dualism Thinking, meaning that we do not hold the truth we experiences each other
denominations part of the truth where each of them hold a part of it and we try to patch all those parts
together and Preach the total of all those truth ending with only One Real Truth

As we use the Buddha Philosophy (
Notice Buddhist is a way of living not a religion and Buddha
is NOT god
)  for years in our teaching as well as Fr. Richard Rohr presents the similarities, the
differences, and the complementarity between the Eastern and Western understandings the transformation.
Some have called the goal enlightenment, some salvation, some ecstasy, nirvana, or heaven.

What is the goal of the spiritual journey according to the main line Christian tradition?  
What Christian spirituality called the unitive way was often described as non-dual consciousness by
Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. Are we often seeking the same thing?  
How can we honor and respect each of these spiritual traditions?

We are descended from the
General Baptists Faith, founded by John The Baptizer, with a preserved
faith since the time of the Apostles. Our fellowship is a modern and still in development. We differ with the
Main Line Baptists because we need a flexible doctrinal position.  
Our vision is to complete the commission
that we received from
Christ. We pray for empowerment so that demonic instruments are expelled and
healing comes to many. It is also our hope that as a body of believers we can direct our nation along the
right path. We pray for this vision who will enable to see the glorious
truth of Christ.

We are Methodist Baptist
No, we are Independent Baptists but our members varies from strong believers (fundamentalist) to very
open believers covering the extreme left to the extreme right, from a background of Baptist, Catholic, and
looking for member of other christian denominations.

Canon 201504:
With the new sub-ministry of St Luke, the Executive Board of Elders (Board of Bishops) and the Board of
Elders (Congregation) proposed and voted at unanimity to amend the wording in our constitution to
reflect the reality of our members at
Eric Michel Ministries International.

Amendment regarding our faith from Christian Methodist Baptist to Non-Denominational Christian for the
Chaplaincy Ministry and The Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry including The Footsteps Of
Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy and using the term Multi-denominational

The goal for this change is for a better integration with other denominations. The
Chaplaincy mandate
to help people of the community need to create strong relations with the
Ecumenical Christian
and Ecumenical Organizations that are part of the global Christian community.

Eric Michel Ministries International have activities with other Christians who stand together on
selected issues that address the “common good” for our society. Also our Interfaith engagement is about
building relationships among people of different faiths in order to work together for the common good
because all human beings are created in God’s image. When comes in helping people directly, no faith
will created a barrier that will stop giving help no matter to people who are of a different faith-persuasion
or even no faith as stated in the
Chaplaincy mandate.

This change is to accommodate our relations with other christian churches.

The core values
If you are curious about God, wondering about your purpose in life, want to find a solid believing
church we are confident you can find a home at our church. We love God’s people and our services
are welcoming to all no matter what your background. We are a Christian Fellowship that has an
uncompromising focus on God’s Word.

  • Religious freedom is the principle of separation of church and state.
  • Church freedom is the idea that every local church is autonomous and empowered to choose its  
    own leaders and direct its own affairs.
  • Bible freedom is the principle of recognizing the authority of Scripture and the right of every    
    Christian to interpret it as the Holy Spirit directs.
  • Soul freedom is the ability of all people to relate directly with God. The belief in the priesthood of all
    believers is an important basis for this principle.

  1. The One Almighty, Holy, Eternal God, our spiritual Father, who alone is the designer, creator, and       
    sustaining being of the universe.
  2. The Holy Spirit as the impersonal essence and power of God throughout the universe.
  3. The human Jesus as the son of God, our Lord and Savior, who revealed truth in its fullness, so                      
    that any of man’ may be saved from condemnation through grace, because of faith, and receive         
    everlasting life.
  4. We belief in the simple Bible truth that Christ is the “Lamb who takes away the sin of the world.”                       
    He is the promised Messiah of whom the prophets of the Old Covenant foresaw; Jesus is the                      
    Savior of the world, through Whom all mankind will be restored to God’s original image, He is the                    
    only way to the Father, the only begotten Son of God Who gave His life for the world.
  5. We believe He is king and judge of the universe, and owner of all Creation, and that His purpose for               
    the ages is to bring all things under His government and reconciled with Himself.
  6. We believe that through His death, burial and resurrection, Jesus saved all mankind and restore all           
    things. As Christ Himself said, “If I be lifted up (crucified) I will draw all men to me” (as also  prophesied              
    in Psalm 22). Christ is  the Name before which every man, woman and child, from all of human history              
    will bow before and declare that He is Lord. At that day, the prophesied “restoration of all things”shall          
    come to pass, and of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end.
  7. The establishment of the church by Christ for the proclamation of the gospel and knowing that this           
    modern body of believers descends from it.
  8. The Kingdom of God, divine rule, beginning with lordship over the believer, and culminating with the         
    coming rule of Christ over the earth at his personal, visible, and bodily return.
  9. The Ten Commandments and the ordinances of the New Testament.
  10. The Baptism in the name of Christ and the Holy Communion

We consider as Tenets of Faith
  • The Bible itself being the only infallible rule of faith and practice
  • We believe that the Holy Scriptures consist of two parts, namely, the Old and the New Testament,                
    which are canonical, against which nothing can be alleged
  • All these books of OT and NT are holy and canonical, for the regulation, foundation, and confirmation              
    of our faith.
Canada's Parliament
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    Exoteric refers to knowledge that is outside, and independent from, a person's experience and can be
    ascertained by anyone (related to common sense).

    It is distinguished from internal esoteric knowledge. "Exoteric" relates to external reality as opposed to a
    person's thoughts or feelings.