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This area of expertise and must desire to assure that all involved in the worship and music ministry realize their maximum potential
through effective leadership and training. The incumbent would minister in such a way that people feel encouraged and appreciated
in their ministry.

This position requires a multi-talented musician. The incumbent should have practical experience in planning worship and in
participating and leading worship services.

  1. He/She should have a shepherding pastoral heart for those participating and worship services.
  2. He?She must have the flexibility to work with all age groups. In addition, considerable sensitivity is required to ensure            
    respect for the diversity of atmosphere between Traditional and Contemporary worship.


  • The incumbent will report to the Senior Minister and Session.
  • He/She has primary responsibility for recommending budgetary expenditures of his/her worn area of jurisdiction.
  • He/She proposes the annual budget by detailing expected monetary requirements for the following year to the                      
    Finance Committee.
  • Staff meeting attendance is required.

Principal Functions

  • Meets weekly with the worship planning team to coordinate worship services.
  • Craft (in partnership with the Sr. Minister) effective worship services, schedule special music for worship,                                      
    and coordinate the presentation of worship through your (and/or) worship team’s leadership on Sunday mornings.
  • In consultation with the Sr. Minister plans, selects, and programs music for regular and special worship services.
  • Coordinates with Sr. Minister the general and specific types of service music, and other special participation to be                     
    used in order that the worship services  may be effective and coherent and that soloists, ensembles, and instrumentalists           
    may be adequately prepared for such services.
  • Seeks to select and to use music which brings glory to God, is spiritually correct, and ministers to the congregation.
  • Supervises, develops, and trains volunteers for his area of ministry.
  • Oversees and assures maintenance and care of all equipment for his area of ministry.
  • Evaluates and suggests equipment needs for his area of ministry.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Identifies, recruits, and trains gifted individuals, and encourages those persons as they become involved in the music ministry
  2. Develops and leads a youth music team to coordinate and conduct a youth music ministry.
  3. Prepares the annual budget request and maintains all music accounts in his/her jurisdiction.
  4. Ensures the care, maintenance, and inventory of all music and equipment.
  5. Other duties as outlined by the Session

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