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She/He has a cooperative relationship with the other teachers in the Sunday School to the individual for whom the school exists.

Personal Responsibilities:

Maintain Spiritual Life:

  1. Attend regular services of EMM
  2. Conduct a private devotional life.
  3. Continue self-improvement:
  4. Attend annual workers training course.
  5. Keep informed of current ideas and information about Sunday School through systematic reading and studying.
  6. Attend seminars, conventions, and workshops (whenever possible).
  7. Evaluate one's teaching periodically and find ways to improve its effectiveness.

Job Responsibilities:

In the classroom

  1. Conduct a learning session appropriate to the needs and understanding of the pupils.
  2. Involve the pupil in the truth to be learned.
  3. Provide opportunity for each pupil and the subsequent maturation in Christ.
  4. Arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before the announced starting time for Sunday school to arrange materials and greet pupils.
  5. Complete attendance and personal data records as specified.
  6. Be regular in attendance.

Outside the classroom

  1. Prepare each lesson in a thorough manner.
  2. Plan social activities for your class.
  3. Develop a thorough understanding of the age level you teach.  Study the appropriate  age-level manual and handbooks.
  4. Pray earnestly for each pupil.
  5. Build a list of prospects for your class.
  6. Attend staff meetings.
  7. Notify the proper person well in advance of anticipated absences.

Pupil follow upPupil follow up

  1. Become personally acquainted with each pupil, knowing such things as his name, spiritual experience, needs, and  family
  2. Visit each home at least annually.
  3. Observe pupil activities at school, home, work, etc.
  4. Contact absentees faithfully.
  5. Build rapport with the parents and/or other family members.

Evaluation and compensation:

The Sunday School Teacher will file monthly reports to the Sunday School Director on accomplishments and activities.
The Sunday School Director will conduct annually a performance evaluation.

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