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Non-Degree Offerings:
Harvestime Open Bible Academy
Welcome To Your Bible Academy
At Eric Michel Ministries International Seminary Footsteps of Jesus the learning involves much more than just
memorizing facts and figures of the Bible. The workshop will assist you in pushing beyond purely descriptive
levels by examining deeper levels of  theology understanding, historical analysis and having a critical thinking
and evaluation.

All workshops and events have received academic oversight and are endorsed by the Bible Academy. With the opportunities
to improve yourself in research skills with workshops from the Bible Academy and the Library. The services and workshops
free to our students.  Eric Michel Ministries International is a non-profit Seminary and a Bible Academy in Christian
education designed for the community.
We Seek the Truth
RTTM Canadian Harvestime Bible Academy
We are grateful for God's work among us as we integrate His Word into every aspect of life and learning.

Congratulations! You have found the spage of the Bible Academy operated by our Research Theology and Teaching Ministry.
This is where everyone can find Bible, Metaphysical or Ethical courses with
NO exams.
We use English Open Bible
Unbelievably Affordable
Learn about EMMI (Our history) since 1978/79
Harvestime Curriculum
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