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    American Bible Society is a United States
    based Bible society which publishes and
    distributes translations of the Protestant
    Christian version of the Bible  and
    provides study aids and other tools to
    help people engage with it. Founded on
    May 11, 1816, in New York City, it is best
    known for its Good News Translation of
    the Bible, with its contemporary
    vernacular. American Bible Society also
    publishes the Contemporary English

    American Bible Society is a member of
    the United Bible Societies. Forum of Bible
    Agencies International, Every Tribe Every
    Nation and not affiliated with any single
    denomination. However, it does not
    consider Mormons or Jehovah's
    Witnesses to be Christians.

    American Bible Society's headquarters
    relocated from 1865 Broadway in New
    York City to Philadelphia in August 2015.
A Bible society is a non-profit organization,
usually nondenominational in makeup, devoted
to translating, publishing, and distributing the
Bible at affordable prices. In recent years they
also are increasingly involved in advocating its
credibility and trustworthiness in contemporary
cultural life. Traditionally Bible society editions
contain scripture, without any doctrinal notes
or comments, although they may include
non-sectarian notes on alternate translations
of words, or variations in the different available
In the United States, Bible societies flourished
in the first half of the 19th century. In addition
to the American Bible Society and the
International Bible Society (now "Biblica"),
a number of state and regional Bible societies
were established prior to the Civil War and
remain active to this day distributing Bibles
and other literature to prisons, hospitals and
shelters. Most of these regional societies are
affiliated with the National Association of
State and Regional Bible Societies. The oldest
Bible society in the United States is the
Pennsylvania Bible Society, founded in 1808.
The Bible society movement spread west as
far as Chicago where the Chicago Bible Society
was founded in 1840, making it only five years
younger than the city itself
United Bible Societies
    The United Bible Societies (UBS) is a worldwide association of Bible societies. As of
    September 2019 the UBS has 148 member or associated Bible societies, working in
    more than 200 countries and territories.

They include:

  1. British and Foreign Bible Society (1804)
  2. National Bible Society of Ireland (1806)
  3. Bible Society of Northern Ireland (1807)
  4. Scottish Bible Society (1809)
  5. Bible Society of India (1811)
  6. Finnish Bible Society (1812)
  7. Russian Bible Society (1813/1990)
  8. Netherlands Bible Society (1814)
  9. Icelandic Bible Society (1815)
  10. Swedish Bible Society (1815)
  11. American Bible Society (1816)
  12. Norwegian Bible Society (1816)
  13. Bible Society In Australia (1817)
  14. Hellenic Bible Society (1819)[8]
  15. Bible Society of South Africa (1820)
  16. Colombian Bible Society (1825)
  17. Bible Society New Zealand (1846)
  18. Philippine Bible Society (1900)
  19. Alliance Biblique Française (1901)
  20. Canadian Bible Society (1906)
  21. Japanese Bible Society (1937)
  22. Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (German Bible Society) (1948)
  23. Sociedade Bíblica do Brasil (Brazilian Bible Society) (1948)
  24. Hungarian Bible Society (1949)
  25. Bible Society of Nigeria (1966)
  26. Slovak Bible Society (1990)
  27. Ukrainian Bible Society (1991)
  28. Slovenian Bible Society (1993)

Non-UBS Bible societies:

  1. Naval and Military Bible Society 1779
  2. International Bible Society now called Biblica (1809)
  3. Trinitarian Bible Society (1831)
  4. Pennsylvania Bible Society (1808)
  5. Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (1884)
  6. Valera Bible Society (2001)
  7. King James Bible Society
  8. Other translation groups
  9. Pioneer Bible Translators (1976)
  10. Institute for Bible Translation
  11. Wycliffe Bible Translators (1942)
  12. Kartidaya (1989)
  13. Non-translation groups
  14. The Catholic Biblical Federation (1968)
  15. Gideons International (1899)
  16. Amity Foundation