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Places we visit:

Nova Scotia

United Baptist Bells in Nova Scotia sings for you

Listen to their Bells
Église Sainte-Marie, Church Point, Nova Scotia

Église Sainte-Marie, Church Point, Nova Scotia

Official Website

New Brunswick


Breaker 19 this is the Road Warriors, come on...

We are back in Quebec

Quebec to Nova Scotia day 8

3-flags-of-Canada rest-area

Thank you for your hospitality, 10-04, God Bless!
Dartmouth United Pentecostal

293 Main St, Dartmouth, NS. Canada B2X 1T4.
Gatineau Hospital Chaplain's Chapel
Le Musée Des Religions Du monde
Nicolet Religion Museum

Official Website

Radio Codes

    10-1 Receiving Poorly
    10-2 Receiving Well
    10-3 Stop Transmitting
    10-4 OK, Message Received
    10-5 Relay Message
    10-6 Busy, Stand
    By10-07 Out of Service, Leaving Air
    10-08 In Service, subject to call
    10-9 Repeat Message
    10-10 Transmission Completed, Standing By
    10-11 Talking too Rapidly
    10-12 Visitors Present
    10-17 Urgent Business
    10-20 My Location is ____ or What is your Location?
    10-21 Call by Telephone
    10-23 Stand by
    10-26 Disregard Last Information/Cancel Last Message/Ignore
    10-27 I am moving to Channel ___10-35 Confidential Information1
    0-36 Correct Time is _____
    10-38 Ambulance needed at _____
    10-42 Traffic Accident at _____
    10-43 Traffic tie-up at _____
    10-45 Pinch at _____., All units within range please report
    10-46 Support Needed
    10-50 Break Channel
    10-70 Fire at _____
    10-94 Please give me a long count
    10-100 Need to go to Bathroom
    0-200 Police needed at _____
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